Creating something that endures for over 90 years takes time, passion and character. You’ll find alot of all this in the people and history that make ANJARI what it is today!

The legendary founder of Anjari


The legendary founder and patent holder of Healtho formula Late Mulla Akberali Adamjee Anjari’s vision of servicing people with a cool and refreshing drink from his house with the sparkling Healtho drink started as a hobby to supplement his restaurant and the famous cake making business back in the 1930s. Soon the soda and syrup business started to boom and he started involving his late brothers and family and delegating duties to them where he deemed fit to his restaurant and cake business.


The legacy of Late Mulla Akberali Adamjee Anjari was carried out by their two sons Sheikh Jivanjee Akberali Anjari and Esmail Akberali Anjari after they proved to be worthy to carry out the family business in the mid 50s.


Anjari Soda Factory Ltd has stood the test of times with more than a decade long severe economic depression of the 1970s and 1980s by weathering the storms and surviving the harsh times of Tanzania. Till date it is experiencing challenges from economic policy shifts in government and healthy competition from other major local and multinational beverage giants.


The third generation of Hatim Jivanjee Anjari and Fakhruddin Esmail Anjari to date with their fathers leading the core business at various capacities still guard the recipe and legacy of the iconic Late Mulla Akberali Adamjee Anjari with virtually the same principles and ethics (1990s and 2000s respectively). Though both young breed had to win the trust and undergo severe due diligence to inherit the management of the family business.


All the great times of the company could not have been without the support of the whole family including the wives, sisters, sons, daughters and the dedicated staff of many years.

Three Generations of Anjari

From left Sheikh Jivanjee Anjari, Mulla Akberali Adamjee(holding Hatim Anjari-Present MD) and Esmail Anjari.